500 miles guitar chords

In Finnish the song has been recorded under at least five different song titles. In 1963 Erkki Pohjanheimo recorded the song under title “Juna jättää laiturin” (English: “The Train Leaves the Platform”). Lyrics were written by Reino Helismaa. Pohjanheimo recorded the song from its French title “J’entends siffler le train”, and it was on the B side of a 7″ single called “Kutsukaa Tri Casey” (almost direct traslation from “Callin’ Dr. Casey”, a hit by John D. Loudermilk). The following year a Finnish vocal quartet Neljä Penniä (English: Four Pennies) recorded a 7″ single that consisted of two songs: “Washington Square” on the A side, and on the flip side there was a Finnish version of “500 Miles” under the title “Pitkät illat” (English: “The Long Evenings”), lyrics by Sauvo Puhtila. Also in 1964 another version of the song was recorded by folk-spirited trio Anki, Bosse & Robert and titled “Viimeinen vihellys” (English: “The Last Whistle”), lyrics by Juha Vainio. “Viimeinen vihellys” was also a 7″ single B side, on the A side there was Will Holt’s song “Lemon Tree” (Finnish: “Sitruunapuu”). “Viimeinen vihellys” was released also on their self-titled record in 1965. In 1979 the song was recorded yet again, by Jukka Raitanen. This time it was called “Liian kaukana” (English: “Too Far Away”). Lyrics were written by Raul Reiman. This song was released on Raitanen’s album Yölinjalla. “Yölinjalla(in)” song is a Finnish version of the song “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash.