And i love her guitar chords

The music video for “And I”, directed by the Fat Cats, is loosely based on the 1992 Whitney Houston film The Bodyguard. It takes place in a forest and on the set of a music video. Carmelo Anthony, playing Ciara’s boyfriend, is flirting with another woman while Ciara is filming her music video. When Ciara’s bodyguard takes her to visit her boyfriend in her trailer, he opens the door and sees the boyfriend kissing another woman. The bodyguard tells her not to go inside. When she realizes he has been cheating on her, Ciara sits on a log under lights that have been rigged to fall on her. (Earlier in the video, a man had been acting strangely whilst Ciara was signing autographs. ) Her bodyguard saves her just before the lights fall and Ciara holds him in her arms.