Battle scars guitar chords

Sebastian said Fiasco was always his first preference to contribute the rap, as he wanted to stay true to the theme of the song and found Fiasco’s work very deep. Sebastian said, “He doesn’t rap about booty shaking or cash, he’s much more political and insightful and exactly what I wanted. ” He looked at other options as well, as he didn’t know if Fiasco would be interested, and said he was overwhelmed when he heard Fiasco wanted to come on board.
Explaining why he agreed to participate in the song Fiasco said, “Guy’s vocal performance first got me about the song because it’s great and then the story of the song was attractive; I just tried to enhance it. ” Speaking of what it meant to have Fiasco collaborate on “Battle Scars” Sebastian said, “Just to get someone like Lupe on the track I knew it was going to have heart and have depth. ” He said of Fiasco, “He is a lyrical genius and he has really portrayed the emotion of the track”. Sebastian says “Battle Scars” is his “proudest release”, adding, “Every now and then in your career you release something that you feel has a deeper meaning and purpose. I don’t know how it will chart, but I am really proud of it regardless of what it does. ”