California girls guitar chords

Brian Wilson was quoted saying in 1986, “[The song was] something I’m very proud of in a sense because it represents the Beach Boys really greatest record production we’ve ever made. It goes back to 1965 when I was sitting in my apartment, wondering how to write a song about girls, because I love girls. I mean, everybody loves girls. ” He added in 2007, “I was thinking about the music from cowboy movies. And I sat down and started playing it, bum-buhdeeda, bum-buhdeeda. I did that for about an hour. I got these chords going. Then I got this melody, it came pretty fast after that. ” Inspiration came from the rhythm of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”. In 2015, he explained: “‘California Girls’ had that beat — it’s called a shuffle beat — and that’s definitely a Bach influence. ”