Dm7 chord guitar guitar jazz walking bass lesson to begin youtube guitar dm7 chord

dm7 chord guitar guitar jazz walking bass lesson to begin youtube guitar dm7 chord

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Dm7 chord guitar

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Once you are aware that you have the ability to change the musical lives of your students and help them accomplish their greatest goals, it becomes your 'moral duty' to work with as many guitar students as you can and help them become the players they want to be.

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As common as this issue is, the majority of guitar players react to it in a totally opposite way from what is correct. Most musicians make the false assumption that their guitar playing would progress more quickly 'if only' they had more/new/better exercises to work on. However, since no energy is directed on discovering the best way to PRACTICE these exercises, the time spent practicing delivers very slow improvement.

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All of this translates into you having to re-teach the student how to practice what they learned on guitar the next week (when they should've already been making progress from last week!). Here is why this approach to teaching guitar practice is a total failure: 1. The student doesn't have enough time to truly absorb the process for practicing guitar effectively. 2. During the lesson, your students might think they know what needs to get done to practice effectively, but when they get home and pick up their guitar; they practice incorrectly or forget. 3. You never check to assure that your guitar students are practicing properly because you have never actually observed the way that they practice. Watching your students 'practice' is different than just listening to them play. When you hear them play, you hear the 'end result', but you don't actually see the process they used in order to produce it.