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Working Too Much "In" Your Guitar Teaching Business And Not Enough "On" It. It is very common for guitar teachers (and business owners) to get so caught up in doing the daily work of "teaching" that little action is taken to actively expand and grow the business further. As a result, a business owner doesn't really own a business; he/she only owns a "job". Of course your guitar teaching may expand on its own to some extent, but it will grow MUCH faster if you invest some time each week into doing things that will speed up this process. Focusing on promotion, analyzing and improving your guitar teaching effectiveness and business models, creating referral programs, joint ventures and partnerships all create opportunities for you to maximize the value you add to your students and expand your business! Schedule some time each week to plan the direction you want your business to take in the next 3, 6, and 12 months... By being proactive in this way, you will see many positive results.

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Stop Using Ineffective Guitar Teaching Practices. In my previous guitar instruction publications I've talked about the reason why teaching guitar using ONLY a one-on-one private format is slowing down both your students' development and your ability to earn a good living. (Find out why this is true by watching this guitar teaching video). In addition, personal one-on-one guitar instruction is notably restraining with regards to teaching creativity to your guitar students. Why? Because regardless of how fantastic you are as an instructor, your guitar students' chance to learn will undoubtedly be restricted to "only" you (in one-on-one lessons). The reality is, your students will become familiar with and dominate musical creativity quicker and easier once they learn it while interacting with others. Simply being around someone else and observing them go through the same process not only helps to make the lessons more pleasurable, but it also enables students to gain knowledge from one another and become motivated by each other's growth.

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The great majority of guitar teachers out there use up nearly every moment of each guitar lesson teaching their students new information such as new scales, licks, techniques and so forth. The reason why this happens so much is because most guitar teachers feel obligated to teach new material so that their students don't feel like they are being "ripped off". Because guitar teachers are so afraid of this, they overwhelm students with tons of new ideas but only spend a fraction of the time actually showing them how to practice what they learn on guitar.