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Guitar chords in my life

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Solution Five. Don't make the same mistake that so many mediocre guitar teachers make by repeatedly asking your students to 'play' something several times so that you can observe what they are doing and 'make corrections'. Truly successful guitar teachers have their students show them how they PRACTICED the material from the previous week so that they can see the root cause of any playing issues. Next, the guitar teacher will show the student in real time (as they are practicing) what needs to be fixed. This way the student gets the experience of correcting the mistake for himself/herself. When your guitar students can correct their own mistakes, they will quickly begin to make progress in their playing.

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That being said, you will not keep every single guitar student for years at a time. This is because different students may have different goals that can be reached in a shorter amount of time. You must always work hard to help your students achieve their goals as quickly, and effectively as possible. However, some goals may be more vague and require more time for the student to find out what he or she really wants. In order to keep more of your students for a longer period of time, seek to understand the reasons why past students have stopped taking lessons with you. Additionally, ask your current long time guitar students why they enjoy taking lessons with you. Monitor these statistics on a consistent basis so that you can continually improve your guitar teaching methods.

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Not Knowing How To Distinguish Yourself From The Competition. The best way to distinguish yourself from your competitors is to not have any. Read the last sentence several times and think about what it means! How can this apply to your situation as a guitar teacher? There are probably dozens (or hundreds) of guitar teachers in your local area, so it may seem impossible to "not have competitors"....or is it? One effective way to make all competition "irrelevant" is to offer something that no other guitar teacher in your area does. Having several teaching models in addition to the standard one-on-one guitar lessons is one such possibility, but there are MANY others. The options range from changing the way you conduct lessons to thinking of innovative ways for overcoming objections of prospective guitar students that will make them want to choose you over the competition every time.