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guitar chords open canon rock chords guitar open

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Case in point: among the most basic (and most efficient) things you can do while teaching creative lead guitar soloing, is make your students practice producing numerous modifications of a small guitar riff. Once you've taught your students a good amount of subtleties of guitar phrasing (for example vibrato, bends, legato, string rakes, double stops, etc.) have them make as many variations as they possibly can from a three or five note guitar lick. As easy as this may seem, it's unbelievably enjoyable and gets students to think beyond "which" notes to play and concentrating on "HOW to use these notes as creatively as possible".

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Using Guitar Scales To Become A Better Improviser. Among the many things you need to practice to learn to improvise on guitar, one of the things you must become proficient in is the ability to play scales all over the guitar accurately and easily. To specifically practice this skill, one of the things you should do is work on each scale position for several minutes at a time, coming up with licks and phrases from it, while temporarily restricting yourself from using any of the other shapes of the same scale. After a few minutes of practicing in this way, move to another shape of the scale and repeat the process. Obviously this is not the only way you should practice scales to learn to improvise guitar solos, but the main thing to understand here is how your focus is different when practicing scales to improve your improvising in contrast to working on scales to progress in some other element of your musicianship.

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You are 100% dedicated to helping them achieve the best results in their guitar playing. You understand the struggles that they are experiencing with guitar and have had to deal with them yourself.You sincerely care about their success with guitar, and are totally committed to helping them succeed.When you build strong connections with your guitar students (and follow up on giving them the results you promised), your students will become very loyal to you. As a result, they will continue guitar lessons with you for years, and will help you make much more money.