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guitar chords open chords in open g tuning chart guitar alliance guitar open chords

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How many guitar students they have.If these are the only 3 factors you are using when thinking of ways to increase your guitar teaching income, you are greatly reducing your potential for financial growth. These factors are important; however they are only a small part of the big picture when it comes to making money teaching guitar. The truth is, you can MASSIVELY increase your yearly income from guitar teaching without raising the rates of your lessons or teaching more hours in the week.

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Sometimes you will get students who ask you to show them new things on guitar. However, do not feel rushed to be continuously providing new information for them. It is best to make sure that they know how to apply what they have already learned, so that they can use it in real music.

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Using Guitar Scales To Learn The Fretboard. When you practice scales to improve your ability to visualize the guitar neck, your focus should become much less on the physical aspect of your guitar playing and much more on memorizing how the shapes of the scales you are practicing look (visually) in EVERY area of the guitar, regardless of what key you are in. When your mind is actively engaged in this task, you will have no choice but to be 100% focused on what you are doing, rather than going on autopilot with your hands while practicing scales.