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Not Achieving Meaningful Results With Students. When it comes down to it, the only thing that really matters is the results that your guitar students get from you. If you are able to consistently turn out good or great guitar players, then your positive reputation will begin to spread and referrals will come to you. So if your business is not growing at the rate you would like it to, one of the questions you should ask is: "How effective am I in getting powerful results with my students?" If your students are not happy with the results they receive, then you need to take a closer look at your guitar teaching methods and ask yourself: How can I teach more effectively? How can I add more value to my students? Do the guitar lesson formats I use produce effective results? Do I inspire my students or do I simply give them "information" about guitar playing? How can I lead my students through a literal life transforming experience as their guitar teacher, trainer, coach and mentor? One great way to improve as a teacher is to find the most successful guitar teacher you can, and take lessons with him or her on how to TEACH. Remember that the more you are able to fulfill and transform people's musical lives in genuinely empowering ways, the faster your teaching business will grow.

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You'll pay more for a cheap guitar tuner for your acoustic guitar then for the cool guitar applications. Just plug in your headphones and you'll think that you're playing in front of a cranked Marshall stack.

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Most guitar teachers have only 1 or 2 ways of acquiring new students. Perhaps the most common method is advertising locally (posting flyers or placing ads in newspapers). So to recruit more new guitar students, most teachers either increase the number of ads they release, or change the ads to make them more effective. Let's assume that last year you were able to recruit 20 new guitar students. To increase this number, you publish more ads than before. As a result, this year you recruit 25 new students. Certainly this is good progress (a growth of 5 students or 25% per year), but you have only achieved linear growth. What if, in addition to advertisements you also focused on keeping your existing students longer, establishing joint ventures with music stores, and focused on converting a higher percentage of prospects into students? Most music teachers are completely unaware of how these elements can contribute to their guitar teaching business, and miss huge opportunities for MASSIVE growth!