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guitar chords open guitar open g tuningkeith richards spinditty guitar open chords

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When determining the price for your lessons, charge AT LEAST a little bit above average. By charging 'more', your students will feel much more motivated to practice more frequently and improve because they are paying more for their lessons. Charging more helps keep them accountable to themselves because they don't want to waste all the money they are spending.

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Guitar Teacher Mistake Number Five: Not clearly communicating to your guitar students what you expect in terms of practice and effort on their part. You will have some guitar students who will give you 110% when it comes to practicing at home and putting out consistent effort to become a better guitarist. However, the majority of your guitar students will not give you nearly as much effort. The reason this happens so often with most guitar teachers is because the teacher does not set any kind of standard for effort on the student's part. Because of this, the student does not have a clear idea of how much practice and effort is required in order to be able to play guitar how they want.

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There are two principal methods to use in order to change your students' mindset about this subject. The primary way is to make clear to your students that musical creativity is NOT a strange, mystical power that only a few musicians are born with, while most aren't. In reality, "musical creativity" is not even one "skill". It is simply a consequence of having acquired a number of musical skills and combined them together to make creativity achievable (read more about this below). Talking about this will already help your students understand why the thinking above is completely untrue and will make them enthusiastic about their TRUE potential.