Guitar chords open open chords for beginners anyone can play guitar open chords guitar

guitar chords open open chords for beginners anyone can play guitar open chords guitar

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Guitar chords open

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Do some of your guitar students seem to make almost no progress at all regardless of what you teach them? This frustrating scenario happens very commonly for all guitar teachers. If you do not find a solution to help your students get the results they want, it will have very negative effects for both your students and your guitar teaching business as a whole.

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Truth is, it's much easier to teach creativity to your guitar students than you might expect. Plus, almost all of your local competitors are clueless about how important it is to teach this to their students (and don't know how to do it anyway). As soon as you understand how to teach guitar successfully (which involves showing your students how to be creative), you will have a major competitive advantage over all other guitar instructors in your city.

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Truth is, your students will often have difficulty being musically creative provided they continue believing in those myths. It's an important component of your job as a teacher to remove these damaging, disempowering beliefs from your students' heads and replace them with real, empowering ones. Until & unless you do this, your students' shortage of confidence in themselves will overpower whatever you do to actually "teach" them to become more creative.