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guitar chords songs piano diana blog so long september songs guitar chords

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Guitar chords songs

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Using Guitar Scales To Improve Your Guitaristic Creativity. To become a more creative guitar player from practicing scales, one approach to take is to force yourself to 'create' multiple new scale sequences, patterns and phrases out of scales. This is different from simply playing the scale shapes themselves up and down in a mindless, uninspired fashion. You can keep yourself busy for many months doing only this task and come up with hundreds of new scale sequence ideas in the process. The point behind this advice is to illustrate yet another way of how your mind is consciously focusing on a completely different set of tasks when working on a unique mini objective.

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Many guitar teachers merely 'react' whenever a student poses a question or expresses interest in learning something new. This means that the guitar teacher does not have any plan for what is to be taught until the day of the lesson (when the student arrives). The mistake here is that the teacher is focusing too much on solving the student's problem in the present, and in the process the student's longer term goals and desires become ignored.

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Truth is, making big money ($100k and above per year) in your guitar teaching business is a very obtainable goal, even though the reality is such that most guitar teachers have not achieved such levels of success. After earning very little money in their businesses, over time many guitar teachers start to doubt their abilities to make a living through teaching guitar.