Interstate love song guitar chords

Bassist Robert DeLeo brought in a song he had been working on when Stone Temple Pilots convened at Cole Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood, California in March 1992. His brother, guitarist Dean DeLeo, said, “We were in Atlanta touring Core, and Robert was playing around with the chords and the melody in a hotel room. I had a feeling about that song immediately. ” Robert DeLeo stated it was originally a bossa nova song when he began writing it. When he played it for singer Scott Weiland, the vocalist started humming along and turned what was originally the melody for the song’s intro into a chorus melody. The song borrows chords directly from Jim Croce’s 1973 song “I Got a Name. ” As a title, “Interstate Love Song” may refer to this borrowing; the chorus of “I’ve Got a Name” begins, “Moving me down the highway, rolling me down the highway. ” The word “interstate” as a noun is usually short for “interstate highway. ”