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lover lover guitar chords fifty ways to leave your lover by paul simon guitar chords lover guitar lover

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Curious facts. How to learn to play correctly

In order to best help your guitar students, it is necessary to understand if each person learns best by watching you play, by listening to you talk, or by spending more time playing guitar on their own. Once you know this, you can more effectively teach them. The best guitar teachers will create a specific strategy based around each student's learning style in order to help the student get the most out of each lesson.

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Not Knowing How To Keep Students For a Long Time (Years!). Your students will continue studying with you as long as you continue to find unique ways to add value and enrich their musical lives. When you do this, it is possible to keep students for 5, 6, 8, 10 or more years! One effective way to ensure that students remain with you longer is to have something to offer that will allow them to continuously advance as musicians. This becomes easy to do if in addition to private lessons you teach several group guitar classes that go in depth on very specific topics. This will allow your students to learn more from you in a new setting while also learning from your other advancing guitar students. Think about the students you have now. You know them well (or at least you should). Ask yourself, in what ways might you be able to provide additional benefits and value to each person you work with? To be clear, I am not implying that you should create an environment of "dependency". Certainly our goal as guitar teachers is to make our students grow so that they may become totally independent and not "need" us forever, but that does not mean you should not constantly look to add huge amounts of value to them for years to come! They should WANT to remain your student for a long time because of the benefit you provide them (not because you are holding them back). Although this might seem like simple common sense, the truth is the VAST majority of music teachers in general, and guitar teachers in particular, don't do a very good job in this area, and that is why so many guitar teachers and students struggle unnecessarily.

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Here are 5 things you have to do in your guitar lessons to quickly transform your students into highly creative musicians:Keep Your Students From Getting In Their Own Way. Before you "instruct" your students on ANYTHING about musical creativity, know that the larger part of your students will have two major challenges to solve:1. Most guitar students are under the impression that "creativity is not a subject that can be taught" This is completely false and has been proven to be so countless times. (I've demonstrated this with my own guitar students AND other guitar instructors who I coach have demonstrated this with THEIR students). 2. They feel uncertain about their capacity to be creative musicians and believe that they are inherently untalented in this area. This part is likewise false, on the grounds that everyone has the potential to become creative.