My sacrifice guitar chords

The video begins in a park with an old, seemingly blind man feeding pigeons before the camera pans into his mind, showing flashbacks of a flooding city, where members of the band perform, while Scott Stapp sings in a rowboat. Stapp passes by many people, before seeing a fist jump out of the water at him. He rescues the person, realizing that it is actually him, relating to the song’s theme of reunion within oneself and believing. During the bridge, the band performs in a school bus illuminated by candles, followed by Stapp in a diner while a young boy hides from a storm. After a baby carriage slams into the diner window, the harsh weather seen throughout the video dies down to a peaceful, sunny setting and the boy goes to hug the older Scott, but loses his eyesight. By contrast, the older man at the start of the video regains his, revealing that both the young boy and the old man are Stapp at different points in his life.