Nothing compares to you guitar chords

Directed by John Maybury, the video consists mostly of a closeup on SinĂ©ad O’Connor’s face as she goes through stages of sadness and anger while singing the lyrics; the rest consists of her walking through the Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris. Toward the end of the video, two tears roll down her face, one on each cheek. O’Connor has said that her tears were real. She did not intend to cry but then thought, “I should let this happen. ” She explained that the tears were triggered by thoughts of her mother, who died in a car accident in 1985. She said she learned to channel her emotions with the “bel canto” singing style, which she compared to extreme acting methods. In the middle and at the very end of the video there is a shot from O’Connor’s photo session for the I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got album cover.