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Supernova garnered generally positive reception from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a “weighted average” score to selected independent ratings and reviews, the album has eight reviews and a Metascore of 78, meaning that it received “generally favorable” reviews. [citation needed] At Rolling Stone, Will Hermes rated the album three and a half stars out of five, stating, “Predictably, [Dan] Auerbach [as producer] helps the singer pull bright colors from the Sixties’ crayon box; less predictably, he makes it seem a perfectly logical progression of LaMontagne’s 10-plus years of cozy vibes. “[citation needed] Thom Jurek of AllMusic rated the album three and a half stars out of five, writing that “Supernova is unapologetically and indulgently retro; a casual listen might dismiss it as mere nostalgia”; however, the “pairing [of] Auerbach’s detailed, careful production with LaMontagne’s open, expertly crafted songwriting and breezy, sensual, emotionally unburdened signing, that boundary is shattered. ” At The Guardian, Dave Simpson rated the album four stars out of five, remarking, “There’s nothing here that’s exactly new, but by assembling an array of unexpected influences in one blissful place, LaMontagne has crafted an unlikely perfect summer soundtrack. “[citation needed]