Run snow patrol guitar chords

Snow Patrol’s frontman, Gary Lightbody, conceived the idea of writing “Run” in 2000. In an interview with Michael Odell, from Q magazine, Lightbody explained the song was not written about “being a child”, as he tended to say. He described: “I was on a massive bender and one night I was drinking in the bar of the Glasgow School of Art. I fell down a full flight of stairs. Jonny Quinn found me in the stairwell with blood coming out of my head . . . I split my head open and my eye was closed and I lost a few teeth . . . I wrote Run soon after on this little guitar I’d tried to smash up in my shitty little room near Hillhead. The words ‘Light up, light up’ gave me this sense of a beacon. ” Beside Lightbody, it was written by Quinn, Nathan Connolly, Mark McClelland and Iain Archer.