So close guitar chords u2 quotstay faraway so close!quot guitar tab download print chords guitar close so

so close guitar chords u2 quotstay faraway so closequot guitar tab download print chords guitar close so

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So close guitar chords

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FORGET THE CHORDS. Before you try to make her fingers contort into positions called guitar chords, get your hands strong. Strengthen your hands by just playing scales. I know, that sounds boring! Yet if you will sit down with your guitar for 15 minutes a day and teach your fingers how to move, in two weeks you'll have much more finger strength, dexterity, and control to easily form guitar chords. If you don't do this, you're going to be frustrated and stop playing the guitar. This is what it takes to play guitar fast.

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Why Guitar Teachers Fail, Reason #4: Having Little Or No Passion For Guitar Teaching.You can have all the guitar teaching skill in the world but it will do you NO good if you don't have passion for what you are doing. Without passion, teaching guitar for a living becomes the same as working a 9-5 day job (causing you to accept lower standards). Since working a 'normal job' does not feel rewarding enough to motivate you to improve, you are unlikely to take action to grow your guitar teaching business and become a better teacher. Result: you will inevitably fail. In addition, your guitar students will quickly pick up on your lack of enthusiasm and mirror it back to you (by not practicing, apply what you teach them, etc.).