Stuck like glue guitar chords

The music video was released on August 6 on VEVO. The video portrays an alternative interpretation of the lyrics. The video opens with the narrator, driving up to the house of her ex-lover (played by Ryan McPartlin), whom she obviously stalks. Her ex-lover ends up calling the police, and she gets arrested, and appears in a mugshot room with other criminals. After being released, she goes to the house of the ex-lover, and kidnaps him by putting a sack over his head and driving him to a warehouse with many pictures & paintings of him there. She drugs him, and proceeds to feed him a cake with his face on it. At the end, she takes his phone and sees an incoming call from “Kim” (actress Brooke Hutton), who is shown to be an attractive young woman on picture caller ID, and the video ends as she punches him for it. As of April 2018, the music video has received more than 40 million views on YouTube.