Sweet baby james guitar chords

Reviewing for Rolling Stone in 1970, Gary von Tersch observed in the music “echoes of the Band, the Byrds, country Dylan and folksified Dion”, which Taylor manages to negotiate into a “very listenable record that is all his own”. Village Voice critic Robert Christgau was harsher in his appraisal of the album, saying that “Taylor’s vehement following bewilders me; as near as I can discern, he is just another poetizing simp. Even the production is conventional. For true believers only. ” In a retrospective review, AllMusic’s William Ruhlmann was more receptive to “Taylor’s sense of wounded hopelessness”, believing it reflected “the pessimism and desperation of the 1960s hangover that was the early ’70s” and “struck a chord with music fans, especially because of its attractive mixture of folk, country, gospel, and blues elements, all of them carefully understated and distanced. ”