Sweet home chicago guitar chords

A more sophisticated and humorous interpretation (and one more consistent with all of the lyrics) has the narrator pressuring a woman to leave town with him for Chicago, but his blatant geographic ignorance reveals his attempt at deceit. Another explanation is that Johnson was conveying a trip across the country, as mentioned in the line, “I’m going to California/from there to Des Moines, Iowa”, and that the end destination was Chicago, Illinois, a state sharing borders with Iowa. Writer Alan Greenberg mentions that Johnson had a remote relative who lived in Port Chicago, California, which could add ambiguity as to which Chicago the lyrics are actually referring. Finally, using the same tune, Sam Montgomery sang of a land “where the sweet old oranges grow” in a song by that name. It is unclear whether the reference to oranges (a California cash crop) was corrective of Johnson’s geographical confusion or reflective of an earlier song that Johnson changed.