Take on me guitar chords

The song originated from Pål Waaktaar and Magne Furuholmen’s previous band Bridges . One of the tracks rehearsed around this time was called “The Juicy Fruit Song”. It included elements of the future “Take On Me”, including the central synth-riff, which Magne Furuholmen created when he was 15 years old. Initially the band felt the riff was too pop oriented for their band, thus the first version of the song was more “Punky” in an attempt to offset the rift. The first take of the song was inspired in part by Doors member Ray Manzarek and his “almost mathematical but very melodic, structured way of playing. ” Waaktaar initially thought the song would be too pop to work with although Furuholmen recalled thinking it was “Quite catchy to me”. Soon after, Bridges disbanded. Waaktaar and Furuholmen relocated to London to try their hand in the music industry there, but after six months of disappointment they returned to Norway. They were then joined by singer Morten Harket and began working on various demo’s including “Lesson One”, a new song based on “The Juicy Fruit Song” which would in turn evolve into “Take On Me”. In January 1983, the trio returned to London in search of a recording contract. Harket recalls upon hearing the initial rift he thought “This is the key to the world” The band intended the song to show off Harket range and which led to the vocal “doing this spiraling thing ”