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The album includes a number of autobiographical songs, these include “This Is”, “Williams’ Blood” and “I’m Crying (Mother’s Tears)”. “Love You to Life” is another track based on real events and “Corporate Cannibal” refers to the subject of corporate capitalism. The title track was first recorded as a 1997 collaboration with Tricky under the title “Cradle to the Grave”. “Well Well Well” is dedicated to the memory of Alex Sadkin, who had died in 1987, having co-produced three of Jones’ 1980s albums. “Sunset Sunrise” ponders mankind’s relationship with nature, and the final song, “Devil in My Life”, was written after a party in Venice while Jones was standing in the corner observing partygoers. Four songs were ultimately removed from the track listing: “The Key to Funky” (co-written by Jones and Diane Pernet in the late ’80s), “Body Phenomenon”, “Sister Sister” and “Misery”. Another track recorded by Jones, “Volunteer”, was leaked in 2007 by Leslie Winer, together with “This”, an early version of “This Is”. Winer also asserted that she had written both songs with Joe Galdo in the early 1990s. Mainly with Sly and Robbie, Wally Badarou, Barry Reynolds, Mikey Chung and Uziah “Sticky” Thompson, aka the Compass Point Allstars as a backbone, the album retained the reggae-influenced sound of her three Compass Point albums even though it was not recorded at the legendary studios in the Bahamas.