Unbreak my heart guitar chords

Spin journalist Charles Aaron positively reviewed the song and joked: “this exquisitely crafted, heart-pumping l-u-v song has been droning in the produce department of my grocery store for about a year now, but I’d just like to go on record as saying that if it ever stops, I’ll really be heartbroken. ” Bob McCann, author of Encyclopedia of African American actresses in film and television (2010), considered it “simply one of the most haunting R&B records ever made”, while Robert Christgau named it “miraculous” and explained “the miracle being that it’s by Diane Warren and you want to hear it again. ” Dave Sholin from the Gavin Report commented: “Most who hear this Diane Warren composition, which was produced with skillful guidance by David Foster, will need to take a few seconds before breathing normally again. ” About. com reviewer Mark Edward Nero named it one of the best R&B break-up songs and considered it Braxton’s “finest moment”. He further commented, “damn, this song is so sad it can make people cry for hours at a time. ” In 1997, “Un-Break My Heart” won a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.