Us and them guitar chords

“Us and Them” is rather quiet in tone and dynamics, with prominent jazz influence, although the choruses are louder than the verses. It has two saxophone solos in it, one at the beginning and another towards the end of the song. Richard Wright introduces the song with harmonies on his Hammond organ, and put a piano chordal backing and short piano solo afterwards on the arrangement. The tune was originally written on the piano by Wright for the film Zabriskie Point in 1969 and was titled “The Violent Sequence”. In its original demo form it was instrumental, featuring only piano and bass. Director Michelangelo Antonioni rejected it on the grounds that it was too unlike material such as “Careful with That Axe, Eugene”, which was the style of music he wanted to use. As Roger Waters recalls it in impersonation, Antonioni’s response was: “It’s beautiful, but is it too sad, you know? It makes me think of church”. The song was shelved until The Dark Side of the Moon, where Waters put some lyrics to it.