We gather together guitar chords

Herman Brueckner (1866–1942), 1918? Translation of Joseph Weyl, 1877
Catholic Version:
We gather together to sing the Lord’s praises
To worship the Father through Jesus, His Son.
In this celebration
All sing with jubilation.
We are His holy people whose freedom He won.
We greet our Lord present within this assembly
To hear His good news announced clearly to all.
Our priest is presiding
In Christ we are abiding
As we invoke God’s blessing and answer His call
Jehovah’s Witnesses Version
We gather to worship Jehovah, the righteous,
Who verily sitteth in Judgment severe;
The good by the evil shall not overpowered,
The Lord will prevent it, our prayer He will hear.
Amid the great conflict He ever stood by us, [. . . complete 3 stanza] (There are also mixed versions with Baker)