Winter winds guitar chords

In an interview with The A. V. Club, Marcus Mumford said the idea for the video coincides with the writing of the song. “We didn’t want to make something that had multiple interpretations and ideas coming from every side. We wanted to express the song. When we were writing [Winter Winds] I was in a pretty chaotic relationship. When we were good we were great but when we weren’t, it was horrid. And she continually had put in time and energy to sustain this relationship and something in me wouldn’t allow it to. So here I was fighting a feeling, of she’s wonderful, she’s this, she’s that, and still I didn’t want her completely. And here she was fighting me, trying to save this sinking ship. We wanted the video to reflect that. You’re constantly fighting the wind, and that’s what this relationship probably was for [her]. For both of us. Fighting a losing battle, going against the wind” Mumford has stated it is his favorite song to sing live.
Shooting for the video took place in November 2008, at Blue Bell Hill in Kent. Many of the scenes utilised the Kits Coty field. On the night of its debut on YouTube the video hit 250,000 views, breaking the release record previously held by Lady Gaga, of 200,000 views.
It is now praised as a “wintertime” song, and featured on multiple Christmas albums.